Bill Carmichael

Hi. I’m Bill Carmichael, a coach, a healer, an intuitive, and a guide. I am happy to provide you with time, space, support, and guidance to help you make the biggest positive changes and the best healings possible.

I am an Advanced ThetaHealing® Practitioner, using the ThetaHealing Technique® since 2017.  I have found the ThetaHealing® Technique to be astoundingly simple yet incredibly effective in changing my life, and can do the same for you.

As a Certified ThetaHealer®., I give incredible ThetaHealing™ sessions to those who are looking for physical healings as well as ways to improve their current situation and create the most amazing life possible.

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What is ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing® is self-development and energy healing modality that uses specialized techniques that work on all levels of body, mind and spirit to release limiting subconscious beliefs in order to open the door for physical or mental healing.  The sessions are incredibly empowering because of the “Theta” state we work in and active role you take in the healing sessions.

Incredibly Empowering Sessions!

The use of the Theta brainwave introduces the “intuitive” element while working with subconscious beliefs and feelings to effect quick and powerful changes and paradigm shifts that will help you create the life you choose to live.

Are you ready to resolve old patterns that no longer serve you?  Is it the time to stretch your comfort zone? Are you ready to live your life purpose – a life that is fulfilling and fun?

More about ThetaHealing®

How can it help?

Any Area of Your Life, Including:
    • Physical Health and Well-being
    • Emotional Health and Well-being
    • Transitioning in Life
    • Career Changes or Development
    • Relationships, Soul Connections
Releasing Limiting Patterns, including
    • Ancestral and Past-Life
    • Addiction Patterns, Substance Misuse
    • Resolving Stress, Anxiety, Fear
    • Manifesting your Dreams
    • Getting and Staying in the “Flow”
    • Enjoying More Peak Experiences

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Give Yourself
A Moment Of Happiness

“Bill is an amazing guy! Through ThetaHealing, he helped to manifest the job that I wanted by clearing limiting beliefs I had about it. He is such a sensitive, really patient and loving guy. I am very grateful for finding him when I most needed. I would definitely recommend working with him"

Ana B.

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